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Pure Drug Safety
Type Private
Founded 2005
Headquarters United Kingdom
Key people Carol Kingstone (PDS founder and Managing Director)


PDS was founded in 2005, initially providing Patient Information services. Over the course of the following decade, we have grown steadily, whilst expanding our portfolio. Today we offer our clients a complementary range of professional pharmacovigilance and regulatory services. We are a forward-thinking company and a significant step in our development came in 2012 when we introduced xEVMPD services to our portfolio. Following thousands of successful submissions for our clients, we are now recognized as a leader in this field as we move into the era of IDMP.

As a partner of choice for numerous high profile life-sciences companies, (including some of the world’s Top 5 pharma), we continue to build on our reputation for being a trusted outsource partner, committed to delivering detailed responsive solutions through strategic thinking, depth of professional ability and a commitment to the highest quality standards.


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