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PharSafer® is a niche CRO and pharmacovigilance and medical services specialist. PharSafer® provides tailored solutions to act as a complete pharmacovigilance, cosmetovigilance and medical services department. PharSafer® is able to perform all of the activities expected of in house pharmacovigilance and medical information departments in order to be compliant with the necessary legislation, providing quality information to healthcare professionals and patients and ensuring that the company achieves a high performance service at the point at which it needs it.

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PharSafer® was founded in 2002 and has continued to celebrate year on year growth and subsequent expansion since. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, PharSafer® is a privately owned company and has offices in both the UK and Middle East, and has additional plans for offices around the world. Clients range from major pharmaceutical companies through to niche biotechnology companies and span across 7 continents. PharSafer®, in conjunction with its sister company SaPhar, is one of the most effective training organizations in the pharmacovigilance and medical services field for drug companies, including medical devices and vaccines.


  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Cosmetovigilance
  • Medical Services
  • Audits and Regulatory Inspections'
  • BD & outsourcing
  • Consultancy
  • Training

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PharSafer celebrates continued growth and becomes PharBigger in 2017 [1]

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