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Payroll Software factoHR
Type Public / Private
Industry Payroll Sevice
Founded 2004
Slogan Best Payroll Software
Headquarters Bangalore
Key people Aniruddh Nagodra
Investors Aniruddh Nagodra
Number of employees 150+


factoHR is a cloud-based Payroll Software which is suitable for businesses of multiple sizes and contains features for executing HR tasks including recruitment and exit management. It offers Android and iOS mobile apps that link to the employee self-service portal and feature an income tax calculator.

factoHR employs a rule-based engine for learning and adapting to users’ processes. It offers workflows that can accommodate individual approaches to managing attendance, leave, travel, performance appraisals and claim applications.

factoHR, the Payroll software for India offers modules for tracking time and attendance, employee onboarding and delivering training through a learning management system. The attendance system allows employees to do a leave application or an attendance correction application from a mobile device. It integrates with biometric attendance devices to fetch and compute attendance data for salary process.


-HRMS Software The Recruitment process is the primary activity where HR department is involved and requires notable dedication. When recruitment process is done manually, it is complicated to maintain all details of the candidate and set interview. For complete recruitment process, there will be one or two HR person engage in the process. Starting from the requirement of a job to the selection of an appropriate candidate will consume a lot of time which in turn increases the cost of the company.

-Onboarding Software Truly said “The First impression is the last impression“, confusing and hasty onboarding can demoralize and demotivate a new employee. Our onboarding module provides a systematic and stepwise approach for employee’s induction and onboarding process that creates a positive impression in employee’s mind and increases employee engagement.

-HRIS Software An HR spends most of the working hours doing simple tasks like compilation and maintenance of employee records and generating reports as needed. These type of task won’t allow them to focus on critical HR activities of high importance resulting in time and effort consumption on tedious tasks. We provide one point access to all employee information and reporting required, which allows the very lean team to work efficiently and achieve what only a huge workforce can achieve.

-Performance Management Software Our software takes care of any kind and combination of Performance Management Software Measures such as Goals, Objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Competencies, and Values which are the core and critical modules considered while appraisal.

-Payroll Mobile App Your employee can check their payslip and YTD details by factoHR’s mobile app from anywhere anytime. Payslip is shown on screen with numerical and graphical representation and can be downloaded in PDF format as well. Employees can check out their till date payout done by your company under YTD details. Employees can check all types of leave balance, the status of previous applied leaves and can apply for new leave from the device. This is very useful to on-field staff as instead of calling you or your HR person they can take outa mobile device, login to factoHR app and apply for new leave.

-Payroll Software factoHR’s Performance Management Software allows you to initiate company wise or group of employee wise appraisal process. The review process can be done on weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly basis. The performance management is linked with payroll automatically so as to have quick and easy appraisal process. Captures additional achievement throughout the year apart of targets, this shows employees additional performance which affects compensation over time and to evaluate the gaps with the current talent, development plans and to drive the strategic vision of the company.

-Attendance and Leave management software Days are gone when people use to maintain attendance muster physically or in excel. Today Generation Y workforce requires automated and integrated ways to capture attendance. That’s why factoHR provides robust yet flexible attendance module capable enough to embrace your existing attendance rules and also integrate with all kinds of attendance devices. factoHR attendance module makes sure that all the attendance data is automatically captured in payroll and you don’t have to compile and maintain attendance records manually.

-Travel & Expense management software factoHR automatizes and streamlines your travel expense management workflow and makes expense management easy and efficient for you and your employees. With factoHR expense management software, you can eliminate the need of paper from end to end workflow, reporting to reconciliation.

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