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Type Public
Industry Design Agency, Branding, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, UI/UX Design
Founded 2017
Slogan Multidisciplinary Technology and Design Company.
Headquarters Bangalore
Key people -
Number of employees 50
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Palpx is a Multidisciplinary Technology and Design Company empowering businesses to create products and services by crafting inspiring digital experiences that solve today's most complex business challenges.

At Palpx, we create business value by engaging our clients and partners to make their products even better.

Our main services are spread across AI Solutions, UI/UX, Branding & Digital Marketing which further include custom AI solutions, AI services, user experience, and user interface design, web design and web development, brand strategy, architecture, positioning, identity and logo design, style guides, packaging design, research and analytics, and digital marketing.

Our products and projects are built for the digital age, delivering innovative technology, elegant design, and dynamic interaction solutions. We love connecting with a diverse group of people - humans, designers, and technologists - to investigate and create the future.

Whether it's creating a new product/brand or reinventing an existing one, Palpx helps in honing the perfect message and design a world-class brand that stands out both online and offline.

Got a game-changing idea? Let's change the game together - Get in touch with us today! Italic text


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