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May 10, 2021BillyM2kTime for a nutritious lunch 🤣 Incidentally, 100% of the proceeds of HODL Noodles are being donated to charity, acc…
May 10, 2021BillyM2kcame back from eating hodl noodles and picked up phones and then…
May 09, 2021RitaPanahiNot sure why this old tweet is blowing up today. People overseas seem fascinated by our danger noodles. 🤗
May 11, 2021mikeprospero@PhilipMichaels Going to celebrate by having some egg noodles and ketchup.
May 11, 2021megnerd1@TV_Junky_09 @emily_v_j I propose it is a cream-based soup and you said must have noodles don’t have to noodles to be soup 🤣🤣🤣

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