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Nerium International, LLC.
Type Private
Industry Consumer Products & Services
Headquarters Addison, TX
Key people JEFF OLSON
Revenue $403.1 M in 2014 [1]
Number of employees 299

Nerium International is a consumer products company that offers skin care products. The company is also connected to Nerium Biotechnology which is the parent company of Nerium Skincare. Nerium Skincare is a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the state of Texas and is a member of Nerium International, LLC. Nerium Skincare have a 30% ownership stake at Nerium International, LLC. The other 70% is owned by Nerium co-founder Jeff Olson’s company, JO Products, LLC. [2]

Several years before the formation of the Nerium Biotechnology, Inc., Nerium SkinCare’s parent, was engaged in researching, developing and testing products using extracts of the Nerium oleander plant that appear to have unique health benefits. During that process, Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. discovered that the unique properties of the Nerium oleander plant provided remarkable age-defying results when applied to the skin. Nerium Biotechnology Inc. patented an extraction process to create a Nerium oleander extract product called NAE-8. Nerium Biotechnology Inc. created Nerium SkinCare Inc. to develop, formulate and manufacture natural skincare products, some of which would contain the NAE-8 extract. Having developed a first-of-its-kind product, with a patented extraction process that yields a beneficial extract, Nerium SkinCare considered marketing alternatives and was introduced to Jeff Olson. Nerium Skincare and Olson went on to launch Nerium International, "to market and sell Nerium SkinCare products"


In April 2016, Dennis Windsor, co-founder of Nerium, sued Nerium International for $22 million dollars for copyright infringement. [3]

Again in April 2016, Nerium Skincare sued Nerium International over payment disputes. [4] Nerium is also accused of running a multi level marketing(MLM) and a pyramid scheme. [5]


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