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MoData is an AI-powered sales intelligence software that provides organizations with quality insights on all major sales metrics to help make data-driven business decisions. Key capabilities include pipeline analysis, sales forecasting, revenue analysis, and account based sales reports. The self-service solution comes with hundreds of pre-built widgets and sales KPI charts/reports, enabling users to manage pipelines, leads, sales funnels, and sales activity.

MoData’s sales pipeline analysis helps users understand where pipeline and deals stand, how they have changed over time, what's affecting them, and what to expect down the road. Users are able to examine the opportunity pipeline by lead source, region, product family and various other parameters to optimize sales processes. The pipeline management tool allows users to score deals by the likelihood of their closure, and prioritize deals with the greatest chance of success.

Users can analyze historical sales data to predict future performance with tools for revenue and sales forecasting. Predictive analytics help improve the accuracy of forecasts together with MoData’s AI and machine learning technologies. Real-time overviews help users understand how well predictions are faring against current events. Detailed revenue analysis provides complete visibility into the revenue stream with dashboards for instant access to region and department level revenue KPIs.

MoData enables organizations to measure the effectiveness of account based sales to get a clear picture of what's successful and what's not. Users can track the revenue generated by each campaign, identify any strengths and issues, as well as analyze the effectiveness of every individual communication channel.

Type Public / Private
Industry Software Development
Founded 2015
Headquarters 255 Constitution Dr, Menlo Park, CA 94025, United States


Founded in 2015. CEO is Amit Tewari.


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