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Type Private
Industry Mobile Advertising
Founded 2009
Key people Sourabh Niyogi (CEO), Sonia Gonzalez (General Manager),Rodney Witcher (VP Business Development)


MdotM is now CrossChannel! After six years as a mobile advertising demand side platform, we have decided to rename MdotM, Inc. to CrossChannel Inc.

web services are be moving from to


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October 06, 2022_MDotMI love how this boho braids came out ❤️. Which is good bc I didn’t have it in me to take them out if I hated them
October 06, 2022hay_ina4@_MDotM Have fun!
October 05, 2022_MDotMWhen they asked prof oglevee if he had a few words & he said “I ain’t know that damn clown” I be Ctfu 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
October 05, 2022_RareDefinedWhenever I need a good laugh, it’s this scene that takes me out. 😭
October 05, 2022MOBSMOSTHATEDthe pic vs. the video…

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