Kokos Group Inc

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Kokos Group Inc
Type Public
Industry Bottled Organic Coconut Water
Founded 2016
Headquarters Portland, Oregon.
Key people Jeoffrey C. Baterina (CEO)
Number of employees 0 [1]

Kokos Group Inc is an early stage company with the intention to engage in the business of the production, distribution and marketing of bottled organic coconut water from bulk coconut water sourced from the Philippine and bottled in the United States.They currently have no product, but plan on developing their first bottled coconut water product under the brand name Koos Coconut Water. [2]

During the next 12 months, Kokos Group Inc. intends on developing the Kokos Group Inc. proposed product and, once such product is developed. They will begin to distribute, market and sell Koos Coconut Water throughout Oregon, Washington State and neighboring States to large box store retailers, convenience stores, specialty health food stores, grocery chains, hotels and some non-traditional corporate business within this market. They have identified a bulk coconut organic water supplier from the Philippines that has a storage facility in Eugene, Oregon. [3]



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