Kalmin Corp

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Kalmin corp
Type Public
Industry Tea Making
Founded 2016
Headquarters ALBERDI 1045, CAACUPE
Key people Jose Galarza (CEO)
Number of employees 1 [1]

Kalin Corps are a development-stage company formed to create special equipment for drinking mate tea – Kalabas. They believe that mate tea is one of the most useful drinks in the world. That requires special equipment for use - Kalabas and Bombilla. [2]

They use wood Kalabas (calabash) - a traditional vessel for drinking yerba mate. In ancient times, Indians kalabas was manufactured from wood gourd. Later, they began to produce vessels of wood, fret, iron framing. The second mandatory attribute - Bombilla. Bombilla previously made of thin hollow trunks of plants. Today it is a whole industry, they are made of metal (stainless steel), silver. [3]



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July 14, 2020EdgarInsiderA new filing Form 10-Q [Quarterly Report] has been made at the SEC by $KLMN KALMIN CORP https://t.co/AVMWAaty3J

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