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Innomar strategies
Type Public
Industry Pharmaceuticals
Founded 2001
Headquarters 3470 Superior Court Oakville, Ontario L6L0C4 Canada
Number of employees 1001-5000

Innomar Strategies, a part of AmerisourceBergen, is the leading patient support provider in the Canadian specialty pharmaceutical market. Since 2001, hundreds of industry leaders have trusted Innomar Strategies to optimize their product and improve its performance, while delivering superior results to their patients and stakeholders.



Innomar Strategies was founded in 2001 around the kitchen table of our current president, Guy Payette, and his partners. The company originally specialized in market access and reimbursement consulting, and gradually expanded its capabilities to include fully integrated patient support programming, nursing support, and specialty logistics. By the end of 2008, the company had grown to have over 450 associates.

Building a Solid Foundation

In 2009, AmerisourceBergen acquired Innomar Strategies further establishing the company’s expertise in specialty pharmaceuticals. As part of AmerisourceBergen, Innomar Strategies is connected with a global leader in healthcare with over $135 billion of annualized revenue and 18,000 associates. AmerisourceBergen has an established history of delivering innovative programs and solutions across the pharmaceutical supply channel.

Leading the Way in Canada

With over 1,200 associates and a nationwide footprint, Innomar Strategies is Canada’s leading service provider to specialty pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers. Innomar is differentiated by their Integrated Service Model, which provides customized solutions to improve product access, increase supply chain efficiency, and enhance patient care. Manufacturers trust Innomar Strategies to deliver innovative brand solutions throughout the product lifecycle.


  • consulting services
  • patient support programs
  • clinics & nursing services
  • pharmacovigilance solutions
  • third party logistics
  • specialty distribution & pharmacy



Innomar Strategies, offers comprehensive solutions for managing drug safety, pharmacovigilance, and risk management throughout a product’s lifecycle. The multi-disciplinary team offers complete pharmacovigilance and drug safety solutions that can be provided as a stand-alone service, or in combination with a patient support program or a third party logistics solution. They have partnered with pharmaceutical companies, in and outside of Canada, to deliver pharmacovigilance services that relieve clients of the hands-on obligations and legislative pressures of monitoring drug safety. They offer a live, dedicated bilingual call centre; adverse event and product quality complaint reporting and management; medical information services; and more. They partner with their clients to ensure services tailored to fit the specific needs of your company and product.


Innomar Strategies offers a full suite of pharmacovigilance solutions that are turnkey, flexible and customized. They have a centralized team of highly-trained and knowledgeable PV professionals with extensive experience in developing and implementing Drug Safety and Medical Information programs, compliant with Health Canada and the ICH regulations. They partner with clients to find optimal, cost-efficient solutions that meet your business needs, and aim to exceed your established performance indicators. The team also provides essential support to clients during all regulatory inspections including Health Canada, FDA and MHRA audits.


They partner with their clients to develop customized Medical Information (MI) programs to meet the needs of your product, program and/or local and global requirements. Within the parameters of client-approved SOPs, MI specialists develop verbal and written standardized responses and FAQ documents for efficient and streamlined management of MI requests. They also offer customized responses for complex questions and literature searches. MI specialists provide support in both English and French, with translation services for 180 additional languages, if needed.


For products that require risk management programs, Innomar Strategies offers full-service solutions to develop and implement Risk Management Plans (RMP) that include program maintenance and data transmission to health authorities and clients. Our risk management services can be implemented separately or alongside our patient support programs to ensure proper coordination of all RMP elements, including HCP and patient registration, patient education, mandatory testing coordination and data entry, and reminder/alerts for HCPs. We also offer development and implementation of patient education support, a HCP call centre, and patient monitoring checklists.


Innomar Strategies can prepare and submit periodic safety update reports (PSURs/PBRERs) as specified by health authorities. They will generate and submit the initial and subsequent PSUR documents according to the ICH E2C guidelines, and then the subsequent periodic PSURs at the frequency determined by Health Canada. They also offer a product information database to incorporate relevant epidemiology, literature, drug utilization and safety data.

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