Infarma 2017

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Infarma 2017
Date 2017-05-27
Place Barcelona Spain

The European event has registered over 30,000 visitors in the three days The thirtieth edition will be held in Madrid from 13 to 15 March 2018

We closed the 29th edition of Infarma Barcelona 2017, which was attended by more than 200 speakers and has received more than 30,000 visitors over three days of work.

It has highlighted the activity of a living profession that wants to reach the future in the best conditions and that has actively participated in more than 50 current classrooms held during the congress with more than 2,800 congressmen, 486 exhibitors and more than 120 posters. A proactive profession that always works for the benefit of patients and plays a fundamental role as a strategic link of the Spanish health system.

This meeting has given us the opportunity to be in a very unique environment to grow our pharmacies, which have much to contribute to achieve the health objectives of society and in that Infarma makes its contribution by bringing to the pharmacists new developments in the industry and New trends in the work of the pharmacy office.

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Infarma, is the ideal framework for exchanging professional experiences, sharing knowledge and ideas about day-to-day work, debating the new roles of the profession and, above all, knowing the news that directly affects professional practice. The Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Show is the ideal place to meet suppliers, products and technologies and find all the news that can be incorporated into the Pharmacy Office. The European Congress of the Pharmacy Office is a meeting point to discuss current issues. In a globalized environment, the pharmacy is news when facing new challenges.

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