India Child Kidnapping Video is Fake

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What is the News Story?

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A WhatsApp video and messages were shared about a child kidnapping ring associated with a CCTV camera footage of someone abducting a child. Several messages displaying pictures of young men and claiming they are child traffickers have been doing the rounds on WhatsApp.

Why the story is Fake?

The video incidentally is not from India, but was an educational video made in Karachi. The video which is at least a year old was made in Pakistan to warn parents about child traffickers.

In fact, the full video shows the motorists returning with the child and holding a placard which read, "It takes only a moment to kidnap a child from the streets of Karachi. Every year, over 3000 children go missing in Karachi, Pakistan. Keep an eye on your child." [1]

Link to original educational video:



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