Ichor Systems

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Ichor Systems
Type Public
Industry Semiconductors
Founded 1999
Headquarters Laurelview Court Fremont, CA, United States
Key people Thomas M. Rohrs (CEO), Maurice E. Carson (CFO), Mark Hutson (COO), Phil R. Barros, Geoff Chriswisser [1]
Number of employees 530 [2]

Ichor ystems are involved in the design, engineering and manufacturing of critical fluid delivery subsystems for semiconductor capital equipment. Their primary offerings include:

  • Gas and Chemical delivery subsystems, collectively known as Fluid Delivery Subsystems, which are key elements of the process tools used in the

manufacturing of semiconductor devices. The gas delivery subsystems deliver, monitor and control precise quantities of the specialized gases used in semiconductor manufacturing processes such as etch and deposition.

  • Chemical Delivery Subsystems - They precisely blend and dispense the reactive liquid chemistries used in semiconductor manufacturing processes such as electroplating and cleaning.
  • They also manufacture certain components for internal use in fluid delivery systems and for direct sales to the customers. [3]

The Company's manufacturing locations are in California, Oregon, Texas, Singapore, Malaysia and the UK are strategically located to support customers with solutions ranging from product concept to turnkey manufacturing and legacy service.

In 2016, It bought Ajax Custom Manufacturing to primarily target the semiconductor and medical industries with applications that can serve other related fields.[4]
Ichor Systems, Inc. was formerly known as Celerity, Inc. and changed its name to Ichor Systems, Inc. in October 2009.


  • Ichor Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures critical subsystems and process equipment for original equipment and semiconductor manufacturers.
  • It engages in various activities in the areas of specification, requirements definition, systems modeling calculation, systems optimization, fluid system P and ID development, component selection, chemical systems design, mechanical design and packaging, electrical power and control, vacuum system design, pneumatic control system, control system and automation, PCB design, test system, quality control system, product structure tree, and obsolescence management aspects.
  • The company also offers process engineering, materials management, project management, and testing services.



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