ISPE'S 2017 mid-year meeting

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ISPE'S 2017 mid-year meeting
Date April 1-4, 2017
Place London, U.K.

Join your colleagues for the ISPE 2017 Mid-Year meeting[1]. This year's program is filled with networking, education, and fun in a city known for all of these - London.

The theme for this year's meeting is Embracing the Future: Ensuring Opportunities Become Reality. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from top-notch faculty on timely topics, including:

  • Sarah Garner, Associate Director, NICE Science Policy and Research: Impact of New Data on Access
  • Will Dixon, Professor of Digital Epidemiology, Manchester University: Overview - New Sources of Data
  • Enrica Alteri, Head of Research and Development Support Division at European Medicines Agency: How the EMA Views New Data Sources
  • Andrew Roddam, Vice President & Global Head Epidemiology at GSK: How Pharma Views New Data Sources

The Mid-Year Meeting will take place at the Royal College of Physicians, located adjacent to the famous Regents Park. You will literally be surrounded by the history of English medicine while learning about the future of global health.



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