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May 10, 2021carla_milkersThe bovine gap boops the succubus on the. “Surprise! You have been selected to receive 5 100% genuine fresh cow t…
May 10, 2021mayuriamudgal@bobachailatte @thebarackosama To go an get fresh cow milk daily as Amul milk can be adulterated. We super stressed…
May 10, 2021CelticPhoenix01@minnesotaflats3 We just milk our brown cow, fresh as can be.
May 10, 2021SunnysideMoo@MilkyWonders "Of course~ coming right up!" The cow quickly hurried back behind the counter, bringing her apron ba…
May 10, 2021amerix@murimi_mi How was it done before? Fresh cow milk.

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