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October 17, 2020PatanjaliDairyMake a healthier choice with Patanjali Dairy Products! Bring home the refreshing and vitamin-packed Patanjali Cow M…
October 22, 2020MamaTealRose@Hits93Toronto Fresh milk, still warm and foamy from the cow. If you have lactase persistence, of course. It wouldn…
October 21, 2020beavtyisterrorbut!!! the milk smelled funky when i was pouring it but idk i just thought it was bc it was fresh from the cow or w…
October 21, 2020benjamin_pierceMy kingdom for some real liquid milk from a cow. Not reconstituted. Constituted milk. The milk of the Constitution.…
September 02, 2020Aki_PuffMilky cow is out now! 🤍🐮🤍

Have you ever been to the early morning barn, smell a fresh milk? 💞

Now you have a cha…

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