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Farmacon Global provides strategic medical consulting and intercultural, logistical expertise, helping pharmas and biotech accelerate clinical trials and market access in Latin America. Our team of regional Key Opinion Leaders, medical, logistical experts assist in addressing strategic, logistical an cultural challenges and delays and data quality gaps in clinical research and market access by connecting to and navigating all industry and project stakeholders. Patient-centricity, RESULTS drive our solutions to overcome regional challenges and accelerate projects, through our medical and regulatory experts on the ground, our strategical medical intelligence team. The Farmacon model consists of:

1. Vast experience in Immunology, Oncology & Rare Diseases 2. Management of regulatory services & oversight 3. Ability to drive communication with key stakeholders 4.High enrollment through site relationships & strategic thinking 5. Site selection & confirmation of well trained sites 6. Great recruitment & high retention rates of subjects in trials 7. Ancillary services for patients 8. Relationships with referring doctor networks 9. Development of all training materials 10. Transparent feedback by being the sponsor with the site 24-hours a day 11. E-trials – telemedicine for remote patient visits

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