Endra Life Sciences

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Endra Life Sciences
Type Public
Industry Medical Devices
Founded 2009
Headquarters Ann Arbor, MI, United States
Key people Francois Michelon (CEO), Michael Thornton (COO), Jonathan Behr (Co-Founder), Paul Picot [1]
Number of employees 8 [2]

Endra, Inc. provides photoacoustic products and medical imaging technologies in the United States. Its Photoacoustic solutions currently help global medical researchers screen and modify disease models with high image quality and volume scanning speed. ENDRA has a global installed base of leading institutions using the Nexus 128 system, the only fully 3D photoacoustic imaging solution for imaging anatomy, physiology and labeled molecular targets.
Endra's Thermo-Acoustic technology is being developed to enable clinicians to use their existing ultrasound equipment to clearly visualize tissue function, composition, and monitor a variety of therapeutic interventions – at the point of care. This directly aligns with current healthcare trends to improve patient access, clinical effectiveness, safety and cost. [3]



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September 15, 2020newsfilterioENDRA Life Sciences to Attend Lake Street's Fourth Annual Best Ideas Growth Conference September 17, 2020 $NDRA https://t.co/kHoSBQr0Zj
September 15, 2020CrweWorldENDRA Life Sciences to Attend Lake Street's Fourth Annual Best Ideas Growth (BIG4) Conference September 17, 2020 https://t.co/T0ogZEIQrP
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Top 5 Recent News Headlines

  • BRIEF-Endra Life Sciences files for IPO of up to $10 mln - SEC filing - Endra Life Sciences - intend to use net proceeds to fund development, regulatory approval and commercialization of its nafld taeus application in Eu and U.S. Source text for Eikon [4]
  • ENDRA Life Sciences Adds Nexus 128+ to Their 3D Preclinical Photoacoustic CT Lineup - ENDRA's Nexus 128+ provides researchers up to twice the photoacoustic sensitivity for improved molecular probe and tumor imaging capabilities. [5]
  • ENDRA Announces Partnership to Accelerate Development of ENDRA's Clinical Ultrasound Capabilities - It has signed a global collaboration agreement with GE Healthcare to develop ENDRA's Thermo Acoustic Enhanced UltraSound [6]
  • Endra photoacoustic CT preclinical imaging technology to be brought to Australia by AXT - ATX have just signed an exclusive distributorship agreement with US-based Endra Life Sciences. [7]
  • Endra Life Sciences Launches First Ever Commercial Photoacoustic 3-D Tomographic Imaging System - Nexus 128 System Produces Vascular Images in Seconds without Contrast Agents. [8]

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