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Type Public / Private
Industry Information and Analytics
Founded <1880>
Slogan Non Solus – Not Alone
Headquarters Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Number of employees 35,000


Elsevier, the modern publishing business, was founded in 1880. It has evolved from a small Dutch publishing house devoted to classical scholarship into an international multimedia publishing business with over 20,000 products for educational and professional science and healthcare communities worldwide. Elsevier takes its name from the original House of Elzevir, a Dutch family publishing house founded in 1580.

Elsevier's history reflects a series of collaborations in the effort to advance science and health. These publishing collaborations with a group of scientific visionaries – ranging from Jules Verne to Stephen W. Hawking – created the foundation of scientific and medical publishing.

The efforts of the men and women dedicated to disseminating and using scientific and medical knowledge have been equally critical – the editors, printers, librarians, nurses, doctors, engineers, information specialists and business people at the center of scientific and health publishing.

Relationships with other great science publishers such as North Holland, Pergamon, Mosby, W.B. Saunders, Churchill Livingstone and Academic Press have also been Integral to our success. These are just a few of the companies that are now part of the Elsevier family, bringing with them rich histories of their own. As the company moves forward, our founding motto remains apt: Non Solus – Not Alone. [1]


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