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EXTEDO is the only vendor that provides solutions covering the entire regulatory landscape. The EXTEDOsuite combines innovation with compliance, and quality of usability. From Product Registration Planning & Tracking to Submission Publishing & Lifecycle Management, to Pharmacovigilance Management and Document Management. The EXTEDOsuite understands the complexities of the regulated pharmaceutical product journey. From drug design, to market launch and pharmacovigilance surveillance, EXTEDO's suite of software solutions is involved right from the start.Our software modules can be implemented separately or as a part of a unified Regulatory Information Management Solution. They act as building blocks that enable companies to manage the business critical processes that are essential to maintaining medicinal products.www.extedo.com

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Type Public
Industry Computer Software
Founded 1996
Headquarters Einsteinstrasse 30

85521 Ottobrunn (Munich area) Germany

Number of employees 51-200


EXTEDO was founded in 1996 as a department of IABG with a simple vision: to help life sciences organizations ensure Effortless Compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. Over the years EXTEDO has become one of the leading names in the field of Regulatory Information Management (RIM). With our EXTEDOsuite and expert consultants, we are on a mission to enable agencies, CROs and life sciences organizations around the world to bring new products to market faster and safer.


  • = Business Process and Regulatory Consulting Services = == Ensure industry compliance and improve the quality and consistency of your submissions == At EXTEDO, we understand the challenges associated with ensuring industry compliance and maintaining the level of quality and consistency of your submissions. Our services cover the entire regulatory landscape.
  • Business Process and Regulatory Consulting

- Regulatory Publishing & Submission

- Regulatory Intelligence

- Pharmacovigilance

- IDMP Services

- IDMP PREcollector Service Package

- eCTD Services

- EURS Services

  • Technical Consulting
  • Education & Training
  • Installation & Validation Services
  • Extended Support Services
  • Extedo Host Solution


EXTEDO and Asphalion Will Be Advising Life Sciences Firms on How to Comply With New EMA Regulations at DIA EuroMeeting [1]

  1. http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/extedo-asphalion-will-be-advising-life-sciences-firms-on-how-comply-with-new-ema-1632960.htm

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