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E.L.F. Beauty, Inc
Type Public
Industry Cosmetics
Founded 2004


E.L.F was founded in 2004 with a simple mission:

make luxurious, high-quality beauty products available to everyone. Since then, they have become one of the fastest growing beauty companies in the United States.


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April 18, 2023Trading_SunsetE.L.F. Beauty $ELF broke a new hist' high, settling +2.0% to $92.58. An incredible run... as makeup is the last thi… https://t.co/Jprs6bJWpr
April 18, 2023stockmktgenius$ELF e.l.f. Beauty, Inc. Commo Top stock up 331% from low. Close: 90.74 VolvsAvg: 1.22 Liq: $90M https://t.co/yeVNn3BY7h
April 18, 2023cwebBank of America Raises e.l.f. Beauty’s Price Target to $105 - https://t.co/d9wIWLPnqJ https://t.co/KmBraAqRhG
April 17, 2023StckPro$ELF NEW ARTICLE : Bank of America Securities Sticks to Its Buy Rating for e.l.f. Beauty (ELF) https://t.co/boxJh7h7LL

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