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November 28, 2020lee_dusen@Jarrod_Sammut I always say it's the best entertainment game football fans just laugh at me no wonder they are used to over paid players
November 28, 2020dusen_dylan@cahcashun He can sing good though
November 28, 2020lee_dusen@SuperLeague @Betfred @WiganWarriorsRL @Saints1890 NHS rugby league charity shield each year from now on I recommen… https://t.co/6Yctr3vZUV
November 28, 2020lee_dusen@JennaBrooks A NHS charity rugby league shield would be a perfect idea grand final winners vs challenge cup winners… https://t.co/4BCvGQRxDl
November 28, 2020lee_dusen@lfcruleus @Johnson82David @WestwoodLee @SuperLeague @Saints1890 @WiganWarriorsRL South vs north

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