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May 09, 2022SenMastrianoToday we honor Army Chief Warrent Officer 3 Brian K. Van Dusen who was KIA in Iraq on this day in 2003. We will nev… https://t.co/6MaHmGaXQ8
May 17, 2022barry_dusen@faking_space You need a dome if there's an ocean or another realm above. No one knows for sure.
May 16, 2022jasonhu10530544They create war, food shortages, fake p@ndemics to coerce people to be injected against their will, cause disasters… https://t.co/aJ3N6qwGAQ
May 16, 2022TheoFleury14The movie is getting good!!! https://t.co/engfBP0sQV
May 16, 2022Tanya10636025And I still don’t argue. As much as some try to instigate an argument with your straw man attacks. https://t.co/7Mn2ksYtEF

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