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April 18, 2023BannedNotice@barry_dusen @Nancy023922191 well either way they're still dead. Maybe Trump caused them so much stress they suffered TDS.
April 18, 2023rosepenaWith Season 2 currently in production with Chris Van Dusen, Netflix and Shonda Rhimes‘ Shondaland have revealed tha… https://t.co/8kzuZuG4Nw
April 18, 2023Lehzy_EyeDo y’all understand why the establishment parasites are always preaching “tolerance” to the masses 🤔 https://t.co/Ix7Is1Qjd2
April 17, 2023FreedomsBritishDon’t you love it ?? …. https://t.co/EwekUkbNZ5
April 18, 2023barry_dusen@Shakesth3clown3 I hope we find out for sure either way one day. I can say that Biden we've been seeing is someone… https://t.co/1IRM0S0Gx5

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