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A data scientist is one who can understand new technology of big data. This role is so complemented in compared to traditional roles because of the increased breadth and depth of data being examined.

What does Data Scientists do?

A data scientist analyze the data and thereafter spot trends. What sets a data scientist apart is strong business acumen coupled with the ability to communicate findings to both business and IT leaders in a way that can influence how an organization approaches a business challenge. The data scientist role has been described as “part analyst, part artist” by Anjul Bhambri, vice president of big data products at IBM. [1]


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Different type of companies providing job in this field

Search Engine companies:Google, Yahoo, Bing (Microsoft), Ask

Social network companies:Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Tumblr

Engineering related companies:Intel, Oil industry, IBM, HCL Technologies, Wipro,Technologies,Verizon, Visa, Boeing, SAP, Oracle

Financial related companies:Amazon, Apple, eBay, EMC, Bank of America, Capital One, Paypal, GE Capital

Data science vendors:Palantir, Teradata, Pixar, SAS, Alpine Labs, Pivotal, Tableau

The other few companies offering data scientist jobs are:Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS), Capgemini, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Wipro Technologies, HCL Technologies, LatentView, Mahindra Satyam, Mu Sigma, Wells Fargo, Deloitte, PayPal, Dell, JPMorgan Chase, Fractal Analytics, Nielsen, Opera Solutions, Equifax, Infosys, Cisco Systems, KPMG, Target, Adobe, American Express, CIBC, CSC, HSBC, MarketShare, Revolution Analytics, WalmartLabs, Verizon, Groupon, T-Mobile, UK Based RPO.

More than 8000 companies hiring data scientist.[2]

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