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ClearStory Data, powered by Apache Spark, is a niche Big data analytics solutions company with a mission to dramatically simplify accessing, exploring and analyzing data. It provides fast-cycle, near real-time measurements on the massive volumes of data analyzed by algorithms, modeled to speed data preparation, automate data blending and harmonization for fast answers, and enables users to do deep, analytical explorations on more data.The result is new answers from more data for the business. The ClearStory User Application is designed for users of any skill set to explore insights on more data and reach answers faster. They claim their solution brings scale, speed, and simplicity to data analysis via embedded Spark-based capabilities. "ClearStory is positioned in the Visionaries quadrant for its debut in this Magic Quadrant, because it is innovating and delivering platform capabilities plus interactive business-oriented and collaborative storyboards that address business users’ urgent, growing and insatiable thirst for insights from increasingly complex combinations of different types of data", says Gartner.

Being an EVP & CMO at numerous software companies, including Netscape, Kiva Software, AOL, Opsware, and Aster Data, Sharmila Mulligan, is the CEO and founder of ClearStory Data. She drove the creation of several multi-billion dollar market categories, including application servers, data center automation, and big data analytics with her team.


A fast, scalable business-ready user application with Apache Spark-powered automated data profiling and blending makes ClearStory Data different from others.


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