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May 13, 2022BritishGQ3. Hay Fever

“Poppin a bottle of Claritin”

It’s seasonal allergy time and not even the greatest rapper alive,…
May 16, 2022_meldawnFINALLY got my hands on some Claritin D 24 hour pills and they really limited me to one pack. 😩
May 16, 2022thereallmaddyyThe fact that I can’t find Claritin D 24 hour allergy medicine anywhere is upsetting me.
May 16, 2022Sandygotmarried@LorenzoTheCat It is easier to buy an AR15 than to buy Claritin!
May 16, 2022Minagelina@rowan2900 @Cary_Bleasdale @pegobry Yep! They want to kill the supplement industry but pharma gets free reign beca…

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