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January 27, 2023ICY__THOTtomorrow i will buy Claritin or whatever allergy medicines i can find so i don’t have to suffer anymore
January 27, 2023_katrinaorleans@msmacb Ugh so painful ! I was very strong and 23 yrs old (so not at all old or frail) lung infection from long-ter…
January 27, 2023fobmisheardlyrit feels like fourteen carrots but no claritin
January 27, 2023ejoooj12@ctrssierra Sorry a typo there what I meant to say, somehow my histamine goes up due to MCAS like reaction and Clar…
January 27, 2023davisonlornao@qamar_hassaan @krassenstein When I said immediately, I meant the next morning when I woke up, fell on the floor. I…

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