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CNS|CRO offers unique animal models that more accurately reflect the progression of neurological disease in humans. Designed to be a preferred provider of pre-clinical contract research, our team functions as an independent extension of your pre-clinical process. CNS|CRO provides its clients with focus, expertise, and a quality customer experience through services that are flexible and innovative.

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A wholly-owned subsidiary of Neurodyn Life Sciences Inc, CNS|CRO is a pre-clinical contract research organization offering a suite of animal models of neurological disease that are:

slowly developing and progressive
environmentally based
highly predictive
ideal for identification of early stage treatments.

Neurological disease is a large and growing problem – despite billions of research dollars, the causes of most neurological disease are still not fully understood. For the most part treatments only help to alleviate symptoms and ‘standard’ animal models are often quite limited, with many replicating only one aspect of the disease process as identified in a small minority of patients. Successful drug development programs require animal models that more faithfully replicate the human disease condition. CNS|CRO is pleased to offer these highly predictive models.

In addition, CNS|CRO offers a variety of behavioural tests for animal model assessment. Each test is adaptable, and our experienced team will work with you to design a testing regime tailored to suit your specific needs


Behavioural Testing

CNS|CRO offers a wide range of behavioural tests for in vivo assessments, and have the expertise to assist in designing a test battery specific to your needs.  If required, many tests may be adapted and/or combined with additional techniques to provide client-tailored in vivo assessments.   Histological analyses (e.g. morphology, immunohistochemistry, etc)  are also available.  All work is properly blinded and behaviours are digitally recorded for arms-length evaluation and provided as a record with the final report. [1]

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