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CMIC,a Japanese CRO, is a leading contract research organization in Japan with a full range of pharmaceutical drug services.

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Type Public
Industry Pharmaceuticals
Founded 1985
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Number of employees 5001-10,000 employees


A Pioneering CRO Making its Presence Felt in Society

In 1992, CMIC Group pioneered the CRO business in Japan. More than a decade later, we continue to grow in size, thanks to the support of our many customers. The environment surrounding the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries has experienced rapid and turbulent change in recent years. The intensification of global competition in new drug development has provided strong impetus for many drug companies to shift to a cooperative division of tasks, including drug discovery and marketing, that they once managed to do on their own. As a reliable partner, CMIC Group is participating in the evolution of pharmaceutical companies and, as a result, will emerge as a company that can make its presence felt in society.

Expanding as a Pharmaceutical Value Creator(PVC)

As a platform for contracted clinical trials, CMIC Group offers an array of services that go beyond pharmaceutical development. Leveraging our wide range of experience and the knowledge we have accumulated over the years as a CRO pioneer, we create added value in such fields as drugs, specific functional foods, and so on. Our commitment to the obligations of medical organizations will strengthen as our efforts as a Pharmaceutical Value Creator (PVC) to create added value in the field of healthcare and contributes to health and well-being.

Follow the founding intentions and retain an adventurous spirit

More than a decade after its foundation, CMIC Group is now a listed company. Meanwhile, the entire world confronts dramatic change. At times like these, we need to return to the very foundations of our company, namely our corporate culture and adventurous spirit, and let them guide us over the coming decades.


Pentagon, the shape containing golden ratio which has been known as the measure of beauty created by God since ancient Greece, symbolizes the synergy created through the collaboration of the Group’s five business segments; CRO, CDMO, CSO, Healthcare and IPM business.

The shape also expresses our unique and creative business models, a Pharmaceutical Value Creator (PVC) and Healthcare Value Creator (HVC), which were established to make contributions to the society through bringing health and joy to people’s lives. The design inside the pentagon expresses human head and body. The head symbolizes intelligence and foresight and the body represents tireless energy to keep challenging for achieving goals and making the next leap forward.


The logotype with soft curve expresses creative and stable flexibility


Dark Blue represents reliability and integrity the CMIC Group has as a pharmaceutical partner and Light Blue represents an azure sky with infinite possibilities

Company Name

CMIC stands for the Current Medical Information Center

To be a reliable company

CMIC Group cherishes the venture spirit by keeping our spirit in tact since its foundation. CMIC group regards highly the independence and creativity of our employees, it intends to establish a corporate culture where our employees can pour their passions into the excitement of our works, not confining them to work place and working hours, etc. Therefore, CMIC put "W&3Cs as our corporate culture and we aim at becoming a self-learning company.

  • Wellbeing : Fully live every moment
  • Challenge : Liberate opportunity by changing our vantage point
  • Change : Transform without seeking refuge in conventional wisdom
  • Communication : Proactively reach out to people and society


  • Monitoring
  • Data Management
  • STAT analysis
  • Registration
  • eClinical trials
  • Quality Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Medical Writing
  • Strategic & Regulatory Affairs consulting
  • Multinational Clinical Trials
  • Specified worker dispatching

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