Boxer Puppies

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Boxer Puppies
Type Public
Founded 2017
Slogan Adoption is Wonderful
Number of employees 1



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April 12, 2023BrigadierBurma@Richardtheseco2 As a Boxer maven I love to mention that Boxers have the longest puppyhood of any breed. They are…
April 10, 2023CDovefan9887@JennyJinya Something similar was happening due to a John Lewis advert, as people had to be warned not impulse buy…
March 23, 2021JosephH32149678#pets #dog #puppy #DogsofTwittter #Harowers #puppies #birthdaygirl #birthdaywishes #boxer Today's r Girl Snoopy's…
April 08, 2023DuluthDreaming@BrodHiggins This is Maggie. Her and her brother were rescued from the streets of Oklahoma City, OK, by Red Dirt Bo…
April 08, 2023jvwestI have a hard time with super teams that include street-level vigilantes who punch like a boxer alongside people wh…

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