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Botstatz is an RPA program management application that helps businesses control their project’s holistic health and ROI.

It is an automation catalyst that is highly customizable to complement the automation plan and style of business.

At BotStatz, we simplify highly transformative RPA, SPA or AI initiatives for seamless function and implementation.

Here are some of our features that may be a pathbreaking implementation to a project.

· Automation Tool Agnostic · Automated Workflow · End-to-End Workflow · Dynamic Dashboard · Intuitive Design · ROI Calculator · BOT Analytics · BOT Support

Botstatz’ program management application intelligently drives interactions between people, processes and data.

Our motive is to make the lives of your workforce revolve around jobs to which they can add the most value.

Project governance is bound to get simplified with: · Quicker decision making. · Key stakeholders would be on the same page. · Holistic view of the KPIs on Live Dashboards. · Time saved on meetings.

We have built credibility across industries that include Retail, FMCG, Securities and Financial Services and wish to educate the world about how RPA can simplify the life of your workforce with usable workflows.

Our hands-on experience in these fields has made us experts in strengthening and avoiding challenges in the implementation of any automation program.

The application is easy to use and trusted by some of our most valued clients for their work on critical daily jobs!

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