Biotech Pharma Summit'17

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Biotech Pharma Summit'17
Date 2017-03-30 and 2017-03-31
Place Porto, Portugal

The BioTech Pharma Summit 2017 is an event focused on Biosimilars & Biologics. It will consist in 2 days of conference and it will take place during March 30th and 31th, 2017 at Porto, Portugal. The BioTech Pharma Summit 2017 will treat topics related to biosimilars science, overall regulatory processes, proof for clinical applications as well as trainings for physicians and patients that are crucial to the good reception and use of these products. The BioTech Pharma Summit 2017 is designed for professionals working with biosimilars, biologics, proteins, antibodies and peptides. The event will receive over 100 delegates from leading biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, CRO provider companies, academic and government institutions.

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  • Biosimilars & Biologics: A market to grow - Dr. Antonio Pregueiro
  • Challenges and opportunities in development of Biosimilars: Global Perspective - Dr. David Brindley
  • Obtaining patent protection while operating in an "anti-patent" climate - Dr. Joanna Brougher
  • Biosimilar Orphan Drugs: The Next Regulatory Challenge - Brodeina Challand
  • Sustainable biotech innovation and the emergence of biosimilars: opportunities to create enterprise synergies and enhance patient outcomes - Dr. Arnout Ploos van Amstel
  • Establishing “Finger-print Like” Biosimilarity – Critical Characterization Strategies for Biosimilar Assessment - Dr. Fiona Greer
  • Data-driven Solutions Transforming the Global Biopharmaceuticals Manufacturing Industry - Unmesh Shankar Lal
  • Why Personalized Medicine Matters - Dr. Edward Abrahams
  • Panel Discussion: The implementation of biosimilars in the market - Dr. Edward Abrahams, Abhishek Kulshrestha, Unmesh Shankar Lal, Dr. Paul H. Song[1]


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