Big Data for Pharmacovigilance

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Big Data for Pharmacovigilance
Date 20 Jun - 21 Jun 2018
Place London, UK

This is the first conference on “Big Data for Pharmacovigilance” which will show how to link in the best way big data and identify data clusters, the challenges and rewards of such large-scale data analysis, ways to protect data security and patient confidentiality, and many other pertinent issues. The conference is taught by a panel of international experts from medicines regulators, industry and academia. [1]


Highlights include:

  • Using real-world evidence as Big Data Abhimanyu Verma, Novartis
  • Natural language processing and drug-drug interactions Nicholas Tatonetti, Columbia University
  • Opportunities and Barriers for Big Data in Pharmacovigilance Andrew Bate, Pfizer
  • Danish biobanks in the context of Big Data Estrid Høgdall, Danish Biobank, Herlev Hospital
  • Linking Data Within and Across Data Sets Tomas Bergvall, Uppsala Monitoring Centre
  • Sentinel Jeff Brown, Harvard Medical School
  • Reproducibility and Transparency Jeremy Rassen, Aetion, USA
  • Big Data and Data Protection Lincoln Tsang, Arnold & Porter [2]

Top Photos


  • Saad Shakir, Drug Safety Research Unit
  • Gianluca Trifirò, University of Messina
  • Álmath Spooner, HPRA Ireland & PRAC
  • Aroon Hingorani, University College London
  • Jeremy Rassen, Aetion, USA
  • Andrew Bate, Pfizer, UK
  • Leann Fieldstad, IBM Watson, USA
  • Nicholas Tatonetti, Columbia University, USA
  • Peter Rijnbeek, Erasmus MC, The Netherlands, and Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) [3]


Wednesday 20 June

  • Big Data in Pharmacovigilance: What it is and what it isn’t
  • A regulatory perspective on the use of Big Data for Pharmacovigilance
  • Omics and big data to anticipate intended and unintended effects of drugs
  • Reproducibility and Transparency
  • Opportunities and Barriers for Big Data in Pharmacovigilance
  • Watson for Patient Safety and other Big Data initiatives
  • Big Data for detection and validation of drug-drug interactions
  • Enabling Large-Scale Federated Data Analysis in Europe through the OMOP Common Data Model
  • Where do we stand with Big Data?

Thursday 21 June

  • Using real-world evidence as Big Data
  • Danish biobanks in the context of Big Data
  • The Importance, Opportunities and Challenges of Linking Data Within and Across Data Sets
  • Sentinel: an example of the use of Big Data in Pharmacovigilance
  • Building a big data system for vaccine benefit-risk monitoring in Europe
  • Enhancing Pharmacovigilance through the use of linked UK Electronic Health Records
  • Big Data and Data Protection [4]

Who should attend

  • Staff from Pharma, academia and regulators with an interest in Big Data
  • Those working in drug safety or an allied discipline with an interest in electronic health records, linking data, data protection, transparency and reproducibility, natural language processing, the OMOP Common Data Model, real world evidence, etc
  • Those who wish to learn about Big Data and/ or contribute to the discussion on how PV should harness Big Data [5]



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