Bibliographic review: Treatment of Onychomycosis

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Objective: Bibliographic review oriented to examine and review the literature existing research on treatments for onychomycosis.

Methodology: A bibliographic search was conducted on the basis of electronic data ISI Web of Knowledge, It was selecting articles published between 2010 and 2015, during the months of March and April, applying certain inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Results: After the search mentioned above, 14 were found articles that met the selected inclusion and exclusion criteria for work.

Conclusions: There are different treatments to treat onychomycosis. The It is advisable to start with a topical antifungal such as eficonazole to 10% or topical terbinafine. Both show good cure rates in various studies. If this treatment does not work, it is combined with a oral antifungal such as terbinafine, which proved to be effective in several essays. Although there are not enough studies to determine the number of necessary sessions, neither the effectiveness and recurrence, the laser and the therapy photodynamics are other treatment options available

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