Best destinations to visit in India

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Best destiantions to visit in india

Rajasthan and Kerala are the two regions which you will hear more talk about when discussing the India.These two regions are beautiful, have a lot to offer, have many different structures to accommodate the travelers and are known to all lovers of the India. The purpose of this article is to share our experiences and those of our travelers on these two areas allow you to choose which you want to include in your stay.And if you want to book cheap last minute flights to india, then you can grab them from various travel agencies.

For a simpler, when we speak of Rajasthan, please understand: Delhi - Agra - Rajasthan and Varanasi which is easily accessible from this region. Also, Kerala will be commonly called the South India.Can you tell us what you like in each of these regions, and the aspects that you like less?

Rajasthan (what we and our travellers love)

Between Delhi, Agra and the cities of Rajasthan, the region is full of architectural wonders - Taj Mahal, forts, palaces... Explore these places beautiful and full of stories will give you memories for the rest of your life. If you love history, you can read many books before visiting monuments, hire the services of a guide or rent an audio guide on the spot. Even if you're not an enthusiast, we guarantee you a good time both inside and outside of these monuments. In terms of housing and home, Rajasthan offers many options: old palace converted hotels, old houses from the time of the Maharadja converted boutique hotel. It is undoubtedly the region of the world that offers the most traditional housing converted!

Of the religious city of Pushkar, the reserve of ranthambhore Fort Tiger, to Jaisalmer, the city of the desert, Rajasthan offers many and varied experiences. In the countryside, the colourful outfit Indian turbaned and draping of the saris for women will make you appreciate the beautiful scenery. You will also have the opportunity to make some excursions in rural areas.

What you enjoy less from Rajasthan

Travel from city to city will take you when you are traveling by car, train or bus. On average, 5 to 7 hours of travel every time. To get to Jaisalmer, the only practical transport remains the night train. Delhi, Agra and Varanasi may seem aggressive, because you will often alpagués by sellers and touts of all kinds who will try to sell you everything and anything at higher prices than those on the market. (This case is much rarer in the South of the India). In general, Rajasthan is rather dry and arid in contrast with the green of the South of the India.

If you are traveling with children, Rajasthan is not the best option. Indeed, travel from city to city are long and there are very few activities that their are intended. They will enjoy all the same forts and palaces!

Kerala (what we and our travellers aimont)

Kerala will surprise you with its greenery! This is one of the smallest regions of the India but it is a pleasure for the eyes and a perfect place to relax! The town of Munnar, perched on a Hill offers sublime views of tea plantations and the Valley. Thekkady and more particularly in the national reserve of Periyar, guests ride an elephant, hiking, cruise on the Periyar Lake and tour of the spice plantations. Fort Cochin, is probably the most picturesque city in India with its houses and Indian and colonial buildings.

It's a city in which it is nice to walk around and explore by yourself. A Kathakali, do not miss the dance performance that will impress you! Kerala due to its small size, will allow you to move quietly with each time 3-5 hours maximum road between each city. Also, the premises are not chasing money from tourists and you not surfactureront at all goes as this may be the case in the North of the India.

Kerala also offers great accommodations. In comparison with the Rajasthan there not converted into hotels but palaces of villas, houses, boats traditional will charm you. The landscape of Kerala, waterfalls, valleys, beaches are awesome! The hospitality is more relaxed and honest. We will not try to push you to buy something but this will ensure that you are well fed.

Kerala is also ideal if you are travelling with children.

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