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Benechill Inc..
Type Public
Industry Medical Devices
Headquarters 10060 Carroll Canyon Road, Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92131
Key people Fred Colen
Elmar Landwehr
Benny P. Mikkelsen
John Estill
Hanh Dang
Joseph DeStefani [1]
Products RhinoChill
Revenue Less than $1M [2]
Number of employees 300

BeneChill is a medical device company that was established in 2003 to develop, manufacture, and sell novel rapid cooling products that are intended to change the often negative clinical outcomes of brain ischemia and traumatic brain injury. BeneChill products are developed to (i) decrease the incidence of brain dysfunction, dementia or death that are common results following either an ischemic event (a medical event in which insufficient blood is supplied to the brain, such as results from cardiac arrest and other medical events) or physical trauma to the brain that results in brain swelling; and (ii) decrease dysfunction or pain resulting from a migraine. BeneCjill's first product, the RhinoChill IntraNasal Cooling System, is designed to deliver targeted, effective therapeutically beneficial cooling to the brain significantly earlier and more efficiently than conventional medical cooling methods. Through a lightweight, portable design and intra-nasal delivery of a coolant, the RhinoChill System enables both rescue services in the field as well as emergency and surgical hospital personnel to initiate cooling of the brain at desired rates and controlled levels.

The RhinoChill System

The RhinoChill System uses a disposable, minimally invasive nasal catheter that sprays a mist of air or oxygen with a rapidly evaporating coolant liquid into the nasal cavity. This easily accessible large cavity is the natural heat exchanger of the body and lies directly underneath the brain. The RhinoChill System is comprised of a portable, battery-operated control unit, with a disposable coolant bottle and transnasal cooling catheter. The unit is small and lightweight, with a footprint of approximately 16” by 10” and weighing approximately 11 pounds, making it portable and ideal for use in the hospital or in the field.

The System uses two small nasal canulae to spray a mist of liquid coolant into the nasal cavity. The sprayed coolant evaporates on contact with the nostrils and facilitates rapid heat transfer, due to the phase change from liquid to gas of the coolant. The inert and nontoxic coolant is thus expelled in vapor form. The RhinoChill control unit performs a self-test upon power-up and indicates to the user, by means of colored, visual symbols and audible alarms, if key parts of the system are not available and what needs attention and correction by the user. Use of the RhinoChill System can be learned by first responders, emergency medical staff and intensive care teams. The System does not require use by a physician, nor does it require refrigeration and has low power requirements. A key function of the control unit is to regulate the level of mist delivered to ensure safe and effective use for the desired medical situation. [3]


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