Band Aid

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Band Aid
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May 15, 2022TsihanouskayaI am glad to see cooperation between Belarusians and Ukrainians. Ludmila Kohler, vocalist of the Kolir band in Odes…
May 19, 2022BosQuantWho tf asked for brown band aids !!? Bitch give me my 40 acres I don’t want no fuckin band aid
May 19, 2022GabbiiiGhadsHow to improve nature. No more band aid solution. Lets make it permanent! C'mon brilliant minds! Work for the sale of nature!
May 19, 2022SamEnnes@kellykreads Iodine and a band aid worked wonders. Sometimes mom's kiss was required.
May 19, 2022trytoliveintru1@GavinNewsom The bill does not address the root cause failures of FDA. It throws money at the problem and looks lik…

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