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Band Aid
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April 16, 2023TherealRVDProblematic to you? Katie and her friends jokingly refer to themselves as hoes when they’re dressed provocatively.…
April 18, 2023l1v1ngde4d_g1rl@cvt_t0_sliv3rs Being so upset that my boss sent me home to change because he didn’t like my outfit (he was a perv)…
April 18, 2023lovejoyash@DanganShujin sairumi moves me sm, although so does hinabuki or band aid
April 18, 2023MetalewdVR@DXRacer @KawaiiOathmeal This is the equivalent of putting a Hello Kitty band aid on a stab wound and saying, “All fixed!”
April 18, 2023whaTsupEpreL@itshyogirl Band aid lang yan

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