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Type Public
Industry Pharmaceuticals
Founded 1974
Headquarters BASi Corporate Headquarters 2701 Kent Avenue West Lafayette, IN 47906 USA
Number of employees 51-200

BASi® (Bioanalytical Systems, Inc.), established in 1974 and headquartered in West Lafayette, Indiana, provides contract research services and niche instrumentation to the life sciences industries, primarily in drug research and development. The company offers bioanalytical serivces, non-clinical/GLP toxicology services, discovery research, pharmaceutical analysis and stability program management. Through a series of acquisitions, BASi entered into the EU market with a location in England and the preclinical toxicology market with a site near Evansville, Indiana.


BASi® was founded in 1974. For four decades, BASi® has established itself as an industry leader in contract research and as a resource for instrumentation that meets the demanding requirements of today’s research labs. This can be attributed to an exceptional scientific team, originally established by company founder, Purdue University chemistry professor Peter Kissinger, and our leadership team, all of whom are results oriented and client focused. Indeed, the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, academic centers, and myriad of startup companies in drug development and biotech count on BASi’s expertise in the demanding fields like electrochemistry and mass spectrometry; our unique capabilities in liquids, creams, patches and transdermals; and our unparalleled record with FDA audits to execute projects accurately, on schedule and on budget.

BASi® instrumentation like the BASi Culex NxT™ automated sampling system can be found in labs around the world and is readily available through our dynamic online “store”. This dynamic portal provides customers with a wealth of information, access to experts, the ability to customize instrumentation for their lab, and a wide range of consumables. BASi® has a second location near Evansville, Indiana, dedicated to meeting the requirements of the preclinical toxicology and veterinary markets via animal models.[1]


  • In-vivo Discovery
  • Pre-clinical Toxicology
  • Bioanalysis
  • Bioequivalence
  • Clinical Trial Specimen Kits
  • Generic Drug Development Services



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