Avinger, Inc.

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Avinger, Inc.
Type Public
Industry Medical Devices
Founded 2007
Headquarters Redwood City, CA,United States
Key people Jeffrey M. Soinski (CEO), John Bush Simpson (Founder), Matthew B. Ferguson (CFO & CBO), Sougata Banerjee, John David Simpson
Investors Black Diamond Ventures and CRG L.P.
Number of employees 116 [1]

Avinger, Inc., a medical device company, engages in developing catheter-based technologies for treating vascular diseases. It offers Wildcat, a catheter that helps physicians in treating peripheral artery disease. The Company designs, manufactures and sells image-guided, catheter-based systems that are used by physicians to treat patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The Company focuses on introducing products based on its lumivascular platform, which is an intravascular image-guided system. The Company manufactures and sells a suite of products in the United States and select European markets. [2]


The Company's products include Lightbox imaging console, as well as its Wildcat, Kittycat and the Ocelot family of catheters, which are designed to allow physicians to penetrate a total blockage in an artery, known as a chronic total occlusion (CTO). The lumivascular platform offers real-time visualization of the inside of the artery during PAD treatment. The lumivascular platform consists of a capital component Lightbox and a range of disposable catheter products, including Ocelot, Ocelot PIXL, Ocelot MVRX and Pantheris.

  • Lightbox is an imaging console, which enables the use of lumivascular catheters during PAD procedures. The console contains an optical transceiver that transmits light into the artery through an optical fiber and displays a cross-sectional image of the vascular tissue to the physician on a monitor during the procedure.
  • Pantheris is a single-use product and provides physicians with the ability to see a cross-sectional view of the artery throughout the procedure. The device restores blood flow by shaving thin strips of plaque using a directional cutting mechanism that specifically targets the portion of the artery where the plaque resides while minimizing disruption to the arterial structures.
  • Ocelot is a CTO crossing catheter to integrate real-time OCT imaging, which allows physicians to see the inside of an artery during a CTO crossing procedure. The Company also offers Ocelot PIXL, a lower profile CTO-crossing device for below-the-knee arteries, and Ocelot MVRX, which offers a different tip design for above-the-knee arteries.
  • The Company's CTO-crossing catheters, Wildcat and Kittycat 2, employ a design that uses a rotational spinning technique, allowing the physician to switch between passive and active mode when navigating across a CTO.


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