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Type Private
Industry Machine Learning, Computer Software
Founded 1984
Slogan Predict.Act.Perform
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Key people Rick Makos (Chief Executive Officer and President), Lon Vining (Chief Financial Officer and Vice President), Anthony Canapini, G.William Sheldon (Chief Solutions Officer), Mamdouh Refaat (Chief Data Scientist)
Number of employees 150+
Related Certifications Certificate in Machine Learning Industry Overview

Angoss Software Corporation provides predictive analytics software and solutions primarily to financial services, insurance, retail, health care, and information communication and technology organizations, to improve performance across sales, marketing and risk.With a suite of desktop, client-server and in-database software products and Cloud solutions, Angoss delivers powerful approaches to turn information into actionable business decisions and competitive advantage.The company was founded in 1984, and publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange from 2008-2013 under the ticker symbol ANC. Angoss software products and Cloud solutions are user-friendly and agile, making predictive analytics accessible and easy to use. It primarily operates in North America and Europe. The company was founded in 1984, and publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange from 2008-2013 under the ticker symbol ANC. In June 2013 the private equity firm Peterson Partners acquired Angoss for $8.4 million.


The company’s products include:

  • KnowledgeHUB: A cloud-based analytical platform that combines technologies with deployment processes and professional services, which allows clients to convert analytical insight into action.
  • KnowledgeCLOUD industry solutions: Delivers predictive analytics in the cloud for organizations in the areas of sales, marketing, and risk management
  • KnowledgeSCORE: A cloud-based predictive sales analytics solution for customer relationship management.
  • KnowledgeEXCELERATOR: A visual data discovery and prediction tool for business analysts and knowledge workers
  • KnowledgeSTUDIO: A predictive analytics solution, which along with text analytics integration enables mining and analyzing unstructured data, such as social media, call center logs, emails, and other forms of text-based communications
  • KnowledgeSERVER: A deployment platform.
  • KnowledgeSEEKER and StrategyBUILDER

Knowledge Studio is an advanced data mining and predictive analytics suite for all phases of the model development and deployment cycle - profiling, exploration, modeling, implementation, scoring, validation, monitoring and building scorecards - all in a high performance visual environment. The models created can be exported in SQL, XML / PMML and SAS formats to allow them to be integrated into applications or systems. It its recent version 9.5 Software Suite, the following features were added. [1]

KnowledgeSEEKER and KnowledgeSTUDIO

  • Ensemble Trees - Random Forest, Bagging, and Boosting algorithms building ensemble decision trees
  • Python Language Integration
  • Decision Tree Enhancements - Force Split: Optimal Binning option, Option to allow or prevent split on the same variable on two consecutive levels and Tag Node and Node Comment feature improvements
  • Workflow Management Enhancements - Node alignment, Show/hide grid; Snap nodes to grid in the workflow canvas, Copy workflow layout to the same or other workflows Cut and paste nodes; Copy datasets from other projects


  • New stopping criterion for Stepwise Regression: Entropy difference
  • Enhanced Scorecard Building Capabilities -System Stability Report, Improved and redesigned Weight of Evidence transformations, A separate node for, WOE transformation, Option for manual editing of WOE values, More charts and statistics available in the Weight of Evidence Editor, WOE Transformations Report, Enhanced WOE Optimization features, Dynamic WOE binning adjustments in regression models, Scorecard scaling option: Incorporate Base Score into score points (introduced in 9.4.x)


  • Text Analysis supported in Workflow - The Text Analysis palette includes the Text Analysis, Association Map, Text Analysis Comparison, and Trend Analysis nodes
  • Lexalytics’ Salience Text Analysis Engine upgraded to Version 6 - Enhanced Syntax Matrix technology
  • New language packs – Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Malay and Singlish languages in addition to previously supported English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.


  • Manage Models – Enables users to oversee multiple models, as well as add new models, create champion – challenger models and close models
  • Compare Models – Compare competing models and select the best performing model for deployment
  • Monitor Models – Visual monitoring and alerts enable users to measure the accuracy and performance of models
  • Score Models – Automate scoring in batch or real time for immediate model outputs


  • InsightOPTIMIZER handles linear and nonlinear user-defined functions with any constraints. The range of optimization problems covered are those on the level of aggregating the values over a given datasets or on the level of each record in a dataset.
  • For linear optimization, Angoss uses a linear programming solver based on the revised Simplex method. Nonlinear optimization uses the Boundary and linear equality/inequality constrained optimization.



None Reported.

Top 5 Recent Tweets

April 14, 2023logiciels_SAASAngoss KnowledgeCORE - #SaaS #Cloud #Logiciel

Top 5 Recent News Headlines

  • Angoss Software Names Vikram Gaitonde Vice President of Product Managemen - Prior to joining Angoss Vikram held the role of Vice President, Products for Solix Technologies a leading provider of Enterprise Data Management solutions. [3]
  • Angoss continues its mission of enabling the citizen data scientist by offering its flagship products on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace - Users will be able to take advantage of an hourly pricing model and the tiered resource flexibility of Microsoft Azure. [4]
  • Angoss Embeds Qlik Sense Self-Service Visualization Platform in its Software Suite to Enhance Predictive Data Exploration - The integration will enable users to explore simple and complex data to find hidden data relationships, formulate effective strategies, and predict business outcomes. [5]
  • Introducing Angoss Version 9.6 Software Suite Release - Version 9.6 feature additions will considerably augment the current Angoss Data Science Platform offering, and continue to improve user experience and business performance. [6]
  • Angoss named a Strong Performer by Independent Research Firm - The Forrester report also states, “Angoss can either work as a standalone solution or in conjunction with another customer analytics provider.” [7]



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