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Type Private
Headquarters San Diego, CA
Number of employees 11-50 employees

AnaBios generates highly valuable, predictive human data in advance of clinical trials, ensuring the selection of the most effective and safest drugs, thereby reducing the time and expense related to clinical trial failures. Through its Phase X® technology, based on the use of human donor organs and tissues, AnaBios studies ex-vivo human responses to drugs and further investigates the molecular and functional basis of relevant human physiology.

AnaBios's research focuses primarily on the areas of high, unmet medical need, including cardiac disease and safety, pain, PKD kidney disease, and neurodegeneration. AnaBios partners and works with global Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies, CRO's, and universities.

​Located in San Diego, CA (USA), AnaBios markets its products and services directly, as well as through distributors and partners worldwide. AnaBios also drives an internal drug discovery platform via in-licensed programs from partners in the pharmaceutical industry and academia. [1]


Cardiac Safety & Toxicity

Viable human heart

1. Drug-induced arrhythmia: sharp electrode recording of membrane potential for assessment of:


II. APD30, APD60 and APD90

III. Short Term Variability

IV. Triangulation

2. Drug-induced positive/negative inotropic effects: contraction/relaxation in ventricular trabeculae

3. Drug-induced hyper-/hypo-tension: contraction/relaxation in coronary artery rings

4. Drug-induced valvulopathy

5. Myocardial cytotoxicity


Human DRG neurons neurotoxicity assay:

1. Cell viability

2. Apoptosis/necrosis

3. Neurite extension/degeneration [2]

5 Recent Tweets

Date Source Comment
Oct 27 @anabioscorp AnaBios’ @NajahAbiGerges will present human cardiomyocyte research in SPS webinar on Nov. 2. Register here:

Nov 13 @anabioscorp It’s great to be at the American Heart Association 2017 convention in Anaheim! If you’re here, don’t miss Dr. Caroline Lee from Daewoong Pharmaceuticals presenting her novel fibrosis research, utilizing AnaBios' ex vivo human cardiac platform, in room 209 at 2pm today.



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