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Amazon Machine Learning is a service that provides users tools to create machine learning applications. Powerful algorithms from machine learning are used by Amazon for finding patterns in data to provide accurate data predictions. Implementation of machine language to built models requires high degree of complex algorithms,this can be expensive, difficult and highly time consuming. However with Amazon machine learning it gives developers of all levels without any extensive machine learning background the right tools to create data driven models. Amazon machine learning system obtains the users data by S3 (simple storage services) , Redshift and RDS methods. The wizards and API tools will guide users to create the machine learning model after all the data is attained. From this if patterns are found in existing data, the models will process new data and generate predictions for these application. [1]


  • Machine Learning supports multiple data sources within its system.
  • With Amazon machine learning allows you to create a data source object from data residing in Amazon Redshift, which is the Data Warehouse Platform as a service.
  • Amazon Machine learning allows you to create a data source object from data stored in a MySQL database.
  • Supports three types of models such as binary classification, multiclass classification, and regression.



  • Major advantage of Amazon Machine learning is the ability to scale large amounts of data with a user friendly interface.
  • Data visualization tools are clear and provides accurate detailing.
  • An advantage of integration with existing Amazon Web Services developments.



  • Disadvantages of lack speed in data processing during the building and evaluation cycle. This can be time consuming and immediate feedback is not provided.
  • Lack of data analysis besides value distribution.
  • Does not support for any missing values in categorical features.


  • April 9th, 2015 Amazon released the Amazon ML Developer Guide.
  • November 19th, 2015 Amazon Machine Learning adds ability to try real-time predictions in the service console.
  • December 3rd, 2015 Additional Data Rearrangement options added with this addition it gave the ability to split input data randomly and create complementary data sources.
  • February 9th, 2016 Improved Amazon Red shift data schema conversion, with this improvement Data source wizards can be created in the Amazon Machine Learning.


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