Alyuda NeuroIntelligence

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Alyuda NeuroIntelligence
Type Private
Industry Machine Learning
Founded 2001
Headquarters Los Atlos, CA 94024, United States
Number of employees 51-200
Related Certifications Certificate in Machine Learning Industry Overview

Alyuda Research is the maker of High-end professional neural network software system, NeuroIntelligence, to get the maximum predictive power from artificial neural network technology. Alyuda's neural network software is successfully used by thousands of experts to solve tough data mining problems, empower pattern recognition and predictive modeling, build classifiers and neural net simulators, design trading systems and forecasting solutions. It supports all stages of neural net design and application.[1]


The NeuroIntelligence software can be used for:

  • Analyze and pre-process datasets
  • Find the best neural network architecture
  • Train, test and optimize neural networks
  • Apply the designed neural net to new data



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  • Alyuda Research, one of the global vendors of trading and forecasting software, has announced the immediate availability of a major release of its leading product - Alyuda demonstrates its commitment to innovation and a dedication to its customers by developing high-end solutions with an exceptionally high quality service. [3]



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