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August 23, 2019Shane_Anthony94@CrownoftheVally @4YrsToday You have the hashtag KAG in your bio. What about America has Trump made great? Healthca…
August 15, 2019SGHconceptsWe love this @FunderMax project at Prairie Ridge Integrated Behavioral Healthcare demonstrating how these panels ca…
August 22, 2019citybythelake@realDonaldTrump Germany also has a stellar universal healthcare, is a zero sum polluter, member of Paris Climate A…
August 22, 2019Pj53995267@TimmiCat03 Pulled out of the lopsided Paris accord.

10.Keystone pipeline approved.

11.NATO allies boost spending b…
August 21, 2019jimron52521@RepMarkMeadows How about you and that idiotic GOP stop being so concerned with billionaires and start doing someth…

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