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Acacia Communications Inc..
Type Public
Industry Telecommunications
Headquarters Three Clock Tower Place, Suite 100 Maynard, Massachusetts 01754
Key people Murugesan “Raj” Shanmugaraj
John F. Gavin
Benny P. Mikkelsen
Christian J. Rasmussen
Mehrdad Givehchi
Bhupendra “Bhupen” C. Shah
John J. LoMedico
Janene I. Asgeirsson [1]
Investors Matrix Partners(39.2%)
Summit Partners(9.4%)
Common Wealth Capital Ventures(19.7%)
EGAN Managed Capital
Products AC100-MSA Product Family
AC100-CFP Product Family
CFP2-ACO Product Family
AC400 Flex Product Family
AC040-MSA Product Family
Revenue $170M (Nine Months Ended September 30) [2]
Number of employees 300

Acacia Communications is an optical networking telecommunication technology company that develops products using a process referred as "siliconization of optical interconnect" which is essentially a methodology to convert traditional optical interconnections into a silicon-based chip. Acacia products include a series of low-power coherent digital signal processor application-specific integrated circuits (DSP ASICs) and silicon photonic integrated circuits (silicon PICs), which the company has integrated into families of optical interconnect modules with transmission speeds ranging from 40 to 400 gigabits per second, for use in long-haul, metro, and inter-data center markets. Acacia products consume less power compared to traditional optical interconnects and cost less. [3]

Acacia claims their technology provides insight into network and connection point characteristics and helps identify network performance problems, all of which increase flexibility and reduce operating costs. [4]

Acacia was founded by former employees of Mintera Inc., Benny P. Mikkelsen (co-founder of Mintera), Christian J. Rasmussen, and Mehrdad Givehchi. Mintera was acquired by Oclaro (NASDAQ: OCLR) in 2010. Acacia's current CEO Murugesan Shanmugaraj was the former Vice President of the optical networking division of Alcatel-Lucent USA. Raj was also the founder and chief executive officer of Astral Point Communications, which was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent in 2002 for $135M. [5]

Acacia gets large portions of its revenue from a handful of key customers, including ZTE Kangxun Telecom Co. Ltd. and ADVA Optical Networking North America Inc. [6]


Acacia technology is rooted in low-power coherent DSP ASICs and silicon PICs. Acacia's coherent DSP ASICs are manufactured using the complementary metal-oxide semiconductor, or CMOS. Their silicon PICs are manufactured using a CMOS-compatible process. CMOS is a widely used and cost-effective semiconductor process technology. Using CMOS to siliconize optical interconnect technology enables them to continue to integrate increasing functionality into their products, benefit from higher yields and reliability associated with CMOS, and capitalize on regular improvements in CMOS performance, density, and cost. Acacia's use of CMOS also enables them to use outsourced foundry services rather than requiring custom fabrication to manufacture their products. Also, Acacia's use of CMOS and CMOS-compatible processes enables them to take advantage of the major investments in manufacturing and the technology and integration improvements driven by other computer and communications markets that rely on CMOS.


Acacia has developed families of high-speed coherent interconnect products that reduce the complexity and cost of optical interconnect technology, while simultaneously improving network performance and accelerating the pace of innovation in the optical networking industry. [7]

Product Family Modules
AC100-MSA The AC100-MSA product family contains three modules (AC100-G, AC100-S, and AC100-C) that all support 100 Gbps transmission speeds in an industry-standard 5” x 7” form factor. [8] Ac100.jpg
AC100-CFP The AC100-CFP product family contains two modules (AC100-CFP-M and AC100-CFP-ZR)that support 100 Gbps transmission speeds in an industry-standard, pluggable CFP form factor. [9] Ac100cpf-n.jpg
CFP2-ACO The CFP2-ACO product family contains a single module (CFP2-ACO) that has an analog electrical interface and supports up to 200 Gbps transmission speeds. Its form factor was designed by the Implementation Agreement defined by the Optical Internetworking Forum, an industry-standard, pluggable CFP2 form factor. [10] CFP2-ACO-1.png
AC400 Flex The AC400 Flex product family contains three modules (AC400-U, AC400-S, and AC400-UL) that support transmission capacities ranging from 100 Gbps to 400 Gbps per module. By changing the configuration of these modules through software configuration, customers can use these modules to support the transmission speed and distance that is best suited to their needs. [11] Ac400.jpg
AC040-MSA The AC040-MSA product family contains a single module (AC040-S) that supports a 40 Gbps transmission speed in an industry standard 5” x 7” form factor. [12] Ac40.jpg


  • 2009 - Acacia Communications was founded
  • 2010 - Acacia reports revenue of $374,000 [13]
  • August 20 2014 - Acacia ranked #5 in Inc. 5,000 fastest growing companies with revenues of $77.7 million, up from $374,000 in 2010 [14]
  • May 15, 2013 - Acacia Communications Closes $20 Million in New Financing lead by Summit Partners
  • Dec 15 2015 - Acacia files for $125M IPO [15]

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Latest news stories

  1. Acacia Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: ACIA) to Ring The Nasdaq Stock Market Opening Bell in Celebration of IPO - Acacia Communications, Inc. (ACIA) (“Acacia”), a leading provider of high-speed coherent optical interconnect products, will visit the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square to celebrate its initial public offering (IPO) on May 13, 2016. [16]
  2. Acacia Communications jumps more than 30% in strong debut - Acacia Communications, a Massachusetts-based company that makes components for fibre optic networks, jumped more than 30 percent in its Wall Street debut on Friday, giving it a valuation of more than $1bn in the best first-day performance for the listings market this year. [17]
  3. Acacia Communications Ships Over 13,000 of Its Coherent CFP Modules - Acacia Communications, a leading provider of high-speed coherent optical interconnect products, today announced that it has shipped over 13,000 coherent modules in its AC100-CFP product family. [18]
  4. Acacia Communications IPO a referendum on optical subsystems space? - Acacia Communications occupies space in the Clock Tower Place buildings in Maynard, MA. Acacia Communications' recent filing of an S-1 form with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) should signal optical communications' first major financial event of 2016. Observers expect the IPO to launch relatively early this year. Given the dim view, many analysts hold of the optical component and subsystems space, the success of Acacia's offering may hinge on whether Wall Street sees the company as an exception to space's general economic rule. [19]





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