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Abdi Ibrahim
Industry Pharmaceutical
Headquarters Istanbul/Turkey
Number of employees 4.500


With its roots going back to a small pharmacy established by the Pharmacist Abdi İbrahim Bey in the Küçükmustafapaşa district of Istanbul in 1912, Abdi İbrahim is on a journey of “healing” with commitment and determination since that day.

The focus of their business is human health. They have been endeavoring to heal the future and the lives we touch, for the last 106 years.

Today, with the largest portfolio in the industry with over 200 brands and more than 450 products, Abdi İbrahim remains the sector leader in unit sales and turnover - a title it has held since 2002. The company continues their investments and operations around the world with 4.500 employees serving in more than 60 countries from the EU to Canada and North Africa to Asia.

Driven by its deep-rooted history in Turkish pharmaceuticals industry and its forward-looking, dynamic structure and strong human resources, Abdi İbrahim is taking determined steps towards their targets.


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