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Advanced Drug and Device Services SAS (ADDS) is a leading European Service Provider, contract Research and Safety Organization with offices in France, Czech Republic and Israel. Advanced Drug and Device Services SAS is a member of the Pan European Service Provider : QPS-ADDS Ltd

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Type Public
Industry Pharmaceuticals
Founded 1995
Headquarters 56, Quai Alphonse le Gallo

92513 Boulogne-Billancourt Cedex France

Number of employees 51-200

Strengths and expertise

Having provided services for 17 years to the healthcare industry companies, ADDS has developed a thorough expertise in some therapeutic areas, developed an in-depth knowledge of regulations in specific territories as well as the latest and best practices:

  • Well-established experience in CNS, Cardiology, Oncology, Orphan Drugs, Medical Devices and Combination Products
  • Strong know-how and offices in Western and Central Europe, Israel and North Africa
  • Global Safety and Risk Management approach: integrated, proactive and science-based

A dedicated partner

Our teams have been committed to timely and accurate results since 1995.

We adapt to your specific needs, whether you are a pharmaceutical, a biotech or a medtech company.

Customer service and quality are our priorities and guarantee you high levels of performance, reactivity and scientific integrity.

Our experienced and permanent team of clinical and safety professionals will offer you efficient and integrated solutions:

Assisting you in your Clinical development programs:

  • Conceive your complete development plan
  • Secure administrative submissions
  • Select right investigators
  • Shorten recruitment time
  • Improve patient retention ratio
  • Anticipate risks
  • Meet regulatory requirements

Providing you full Safety and Risk Management services:

  • Conceive your complete Risk Management Plan
  • Fully outsource your Pharmacovigilance
  • European Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (EU QPPV)
  • Technical assistance: Data entry, Eudravigilance
  • Operational support and consultancy
  • All along the product lifecycle

Highlights and particular commitments

With a history marked by medical-based management, ADDS benefits from a strong medical expertise and well-established scientific Key Opinion Leader network.

The commitment of all our collaborators is to bring you results respecting your deadlines and budget.

Clinical Expertise

ADDS offers pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech companies full coverage of Phase II-III and late phase clinical studies for drugs and medical devices in Western and Central Europe through our offices in France and Czech Republic, as well as in Israel.

As a well-established high-quality European service provider, Advanced Drug and Device Services (ADDS) Group contributes to successfully bring as early, safely and cost effectively as possible your products to the market in a unique one-stop shop approach for Europe. ADDS helps you to:

  • Conceive your complete development program and risk management plan
  • Secure your administrative submissions
  • Select the right investigator sites
  • Shorten the patient recruitment time
  • Improve the patient retention ratio
  • Anticipate the risks and solve the issues
  • Provide high quality data and reports
  • Meet the Regulatory requirements

Fields of expertise

  • Drug development
    • Oncology
    • Central Nervous System (CNS) (eg Alzheimer, neurodenerative diseases, multiple sclerosis, psychiatry)
    • Cardiovascular diseases and metabolism
  • Orphan Drug
  • Medical devices
  • Combination Products
  • Paediatric Investigation Plan

Description of services

  • Consulting
  • Phase II/III studies
  • Late Phase studies, Phase IV
  • Project Management
  • Submissions
  • Monitoring
  • Data Management
  • Statistics
  • Medical Writing
  • Safety
  • Risk Management Plan

Geographical coverage

  • Western Europe
  • Central Europe
  • Israel
  • Middle East and North African Regions (MENA): Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt,…


ADDS becomes APROVA On July 2013, ALTEN ( acquired the European Contract Research Organization Advanced Drug & Device Services (ADDS) and regroups its Life Sciences solutions in a new structure, APROVA (, headquartered in Brussels.

With annual revenues of 1 198 M€ in 2012 and 15 950 co-workers worldwide (among them 88% of high-level engineers and scientists working for large companies), ALTEN is the European leader in Engineering and Consulting.

ADDS changed its name : Advanced Drug and Device Services Since 1st January 2012, ADDS changed its name in order to be in line with its new international strategy to be a leading Contract Research and Safety Organisation (CRO&CSO).

ADDS is investing by taking a 25% stake in the Pan-European Services Provider : JSW-Clinical Investigation Ltd

In order to leverage the possibilities to provide clients the best international strategy with the optimal local approaches and sophisticated services in preclinical, clinical, data management, statistics and safety services for pharmaceutical and medical device industry, we have decided to invest in a new Pan European service provider: JSW-Clinical Investigations

Four well established and experienced clinical service providers: ADDS, Clinical Investigations, JSW Lifesciences and Clinical Accelerator (former Russlan Clinical Reseach,, decided to join forces for improved customer services in most relevant geographic areas in Europe.

JSW Clinical Investigations is a UK based full service CROs with 180 co-workers, among them 64 CRAs


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