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A-Pharma is a leading privately-owned contract research organization (CRO) in the Czech Republic.The company offers complete services in the field of clinical trials, medical devices, drug registration, data management, biostatistics. A-Pharma also offers quality assurance including GCP auditing, translations of medical texts, GCP training and lectures and drug safety management.

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Type Private
Industry Contract Research Organization
Founded 1996
Headquarters Prague, Czech Republic

Clinical Trials I-IV Phases

A-Pharma CRO has more than 20 years of experiences in the field of clinical trials (Drugs,dietary supplements, medical devices, etc.) mainly in the Czech and Slovak Republic


  • Founded in 1996

The company is located in Prague, the Capital of the Czech Republic and also has its activities in the Slovak Republic, Hungary, Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia. A-Pharma is a leading private CRO in the Czech Republic.

Performance of clinical trials is a major activity of the company. There have been more than 120 clinical trials performed or in progress since its foundation. A-Pharma co-operates with many pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical device companies and CRO’s as well. [1]


  • Clinical Trials I-IV Phases
  • Medical Devices
  • Drug Registration
  • Data Management
  • Biostatistics
  • Quality Assurance Inc. GCP Auditing
  • Translation of Medical Texts
  • GCP Trainings and Lectures
  • Drug Safety Management
  • Experience in Clinical Trials


  • A Canada-wide sales force made up of experienced, competent and loyal representatives;
  • Strategy aimed at active promotion among specialty doctors;
  • Promote products by benefitting from a sales force with experience and expertise;
  • Quickly reach a greater number of clients while minimising costs.

Continuing Health Education

  • Creation and implementation of innovative training, each one targeting a well-defined clientele for maximum impact;
  • Economical approach, precise, targeted and productive;
  • Allows for companies to be visible and active, while maximising sales of their products.

Promotional Tools

  • Creation of material adapted to needs expressed by both the sales force and the client.
    • Training guide
    • Visual aids
    • Leave-behinds
    • Etc.


Accomplishments of Apharma’s team

  • Set up the first team of pharmaceutical representatives dedicated to Québec pharmacists.
    • Build partnerships with pharmacists;
    • Slow down the decline of major products caused by generic planning.
  • Gain the highest market share in the therapeutic fields covered.
  • Creation and production of many satellite symposiums, three of which won prizes for excellence.
  • Set up original health education programs recognized and appreciated by trainers as well as participants.

Apharma’s ongoing projects

  • Training programs destined for pharmacists to facilitate the implementation of the D.C.C.V.
  • Long-term contract with a pharmaceutical company in the province of Quebec.
  • Creation and development of promotional tools (training binder, training, visual aids, educational material leave-behinds, etc.)


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  1. http://www.a-pharma.cz/en/

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