11th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety

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11th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety is organized by Conferenceseries LLC and would be held during Jun 20 - 21, 2018 at London, England, United Kingdom.

11th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety
Date 21,22/6/2018
Place London, UK

An international conference focusing on the advancements in emerging research and technologies in pharmacovigilance, clinical trials and risk management. The emphasis of this conference is how the importance and significance of pharmacovigilance can be gauged by the fact that it has made huge advancements over the course of time and is continuing to influence various sectors

The target audience for this medical event for audience from leading Pharmaceutical industries Involved in Pharmacovigilance, drug safety, clinical trials, contract research organizations, research institutes, patent and law firms, domestic and international regulatory agencies and executive directors of leading biopharmaceutical ,pharmaceutical and Biotech companies and experts and others engaged in endeavors related to Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety research and business.

Why to attend???
With members from around the world focused on learning about Pharmacovigilance and its advances; this is your best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the Pharmacovigilance community. Conduct presentations, distribute information, meet with current and potential scientists, make a splash with new drug developments, and receive named recognition at this 3-days event. World-Renowned Speakers, the most recent techniques, developments, and the newest updates in Pharmacovigilance are Hallmarks of this Conference.

The conference program emphasizes evidence-based practice, educational innovation, practical application, and peer to peer networking and collaboration. The goals of the conference is to provide a transformative professional development experience through
• Bringing together the world’s scientific experts to catalyze and advance scientific knowledge about Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety present the most recent research findings, and promote and enhance scientific collaborations around the world.
• Bringing together community leaders, scientists, and policy leaders to promote and enhance programmatic collaborations to more effectively address regional, national and local responses to Elderly Population around the world and overcome barriers that limit access to care and services.

Conference Objectives are : 

• After participating in this meeting, attendees should be able to Discuss emerging issues in Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety
• Discuss and apply recent research findings related to Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety
• Reflect on the place of critical distance in Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety.[1]

Previous Speakers

Nathan Cummins - Mayo Clinic USA

Silvia Cacho-Elizondo - IPADE Business School USA

Eleni Konstantinou - Harvard Medical School USA

Cristina Damatarca - Agility Clinical USA

Flic Gabbay - TranScrip UK

Zhihong Xu - South College USA

Anika Staack - MEDICE Germany

Gamal Hussein - South College School of Pharmacy USA

Anna Helena Stahl - Otsuka Novel Products GmbH, Germany

Mandar Kelkar - TranScrip, UK

Jorge I Gonzalez Borroto - Grupo Ferrer Internacional, Spain

Essam Ghanem - Keyrus Biopharma, Belgium

Pramod Wable - Daiichi Sankyo Development Ltd, UK

Subodh Bhardwaj - Arable Corporation, USA

Fiorenza Stagni - University of Bologna, Italy

Parminder Kaur - RegPak BioPharma Consulting, Netherlands



Risk Management

Pre-Clinical and Clinical Trials


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