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Getting started

What is Verify.Wiki?

Verify.Wiki is a collaboration platform that provides industry specific certifications and real-world work experiences for students and job seekers by having them work on wiki style projects that are relevant to a job they are applying for. Verify.Wiki is also a professional social network like LinkedIn, allowing you to connect with experts in your profession, including hiring managers of large corporations.

Where can I find the certifications?

You can find them here Current Certifications

Why companies are interested in candidates who collaborate on Verify.Wiki?

Verify.Wiki provides companies a platform to evaluate a candidate in the following areas.

  • Ability to work within a collaborative culture
  • Ability to argue about facts in a productive manner
  • Ability to work with people they have never met before
  • Ability to research outside of Wikipedia for facts
  • Willingness to make others successful
  • Keep up with current trends even after completion of the certification