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Verify.Wiki's Certificate in Mobile Ad Networks Industry Overview (free) has helped hundreds of candidates excel in job interviews and land jobs in Fortune 1000 companies. In this program, instead of learning about the theory, you learn about the industry and companies who are in the business of mobile ad neworks, which provides students a new practical perspective on "Mobile Ad Networks". The transparent and collaborative nature of Verify.Wiki's courses provide instant credibility to candidates, helping them do better above all others who apply for a job with a generic theoretical background.

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  • Create a page for a company by contributing a minimum of 1000 words of new content by picking a company from
  • You can create or edit a company by just clicking on the link of a company in
  • You can edit an existing company by just clicking the edit link of a company (found on top right corner of the page)
  • If you feel a company name is missing, you may add to Mobile_Ad_Networks and work on the company page
  • You may also modify an existing company page by adding or modifying a minimum of 1000 words
  • Do not simply cut and paste content from other websites. You need to write in your own words
  • Maintain a neutral point of view. Your words should not look like an advertisement for a company
  • Modifying or correcting someone else's contribution will also count towards your coursework
  • Provide enough references for your points and contributions
  • You can claim your contributions as project experience in your resume


  • Invite peers or fellow students to verify your edits.
  • Receive at least 5 verifications for your individual edits from others
  • Provide a minimum of 5 verifications for individual edits of others


  • Once completed, send an email to with a link to your profile page. Our expert team will evaluate your coursework and quiz results and provide you the certification and a job recommendation

Do I have to pay a fee to participate in the program?

No. the program is FREE for everyone

Why is the program free?

Verify.Wiki makes money by referring and placing potential candidates who excel in the program to companies.

Why are companies interested in candidates who are certified by Verify.Wiki?

Verify.Wiki provides companies a platform to evaluate a candidate in the following areas.

  • Understanding of the big picture of a topic by learning about companies rather than the theory of a subject
  • Ability to work within a collaborative culture
  • Ability to argue about facts in a productive manner
  • Ability to work with people they have never met before
  • Ability to research outside of Wikipedia for facts
  • Willingness to make others successful

Do you have tutorials on how to edit and verify articles?

Yes. Here is the link to the tutorial.