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  • This program is available only to students living within the United States who will be graduating and joining the workforce in 2016.
  • Students who are currently enrolled in any of the following majors in Bachelors, Masters or PhD are eligible to participate.
  1. Mathematical and Computational Science
  2. Applied Mathematics & Statistics
  3. Data Sciences
  4. Data Mining
  5. Computer Science
  6. Computer Engineering
  7. Information Systems
  8. Information Technology
  9. Computing
  10. Computer Application
  11. Mathematics
  12. Statistics
  13. Operational Research

What is the contest and internship about?

The program is about providing current students who are planning to enter the workforce in 2016 with initial work experience in bigdata and data science, and introduce them to companies that are looking to hire in 2016. Verify.Wiki provides companies a platform to evaluate a candidate in the following areas.

  1. Ability to work within a collaborative culture
  2. Ability to argue about facts in a productive manner
  3. Ability to work with people they have never met before
  4. Ability to research outside of Wikipedia for facts
  5. Willingness to help others succeed

During the program, candidates will be creating wiki-style, collaborative, fact based content on bigdata technologies, data science methodologies, and facts about companies who are in the business of bigdata and data science. Content that are created by participants will be peer-reviewed and verified by a continuous crowd-sourced process for accuracy.

Do I have to pay a fee to participate in the program?

No. the program is FREE to all students who are currently enrolled in the majors outlined above.

What should I do next?

  1. Verify if the contents of Data Science page and the pages linking to the page are accurate. There are many pages linking to
  2. Improve the contents of the pages (It’s a wiki, so anyone can edit and your changes might get deleted by others if they are not accurate). Your ability to argue for facts in a productive manner with other candidates will be tested here.
  3. Add additional verifiable content to each page
  4. Add references for existing content (if missing)
  5. Add additional pages (if needed)
  6. Once satisfied, click the “Verify” button at the top right corner of each page
  7. Invite your peers to verify the content you added

What is the minimum I should do to become eligible?

How winners are selected?

Following criteria will be used to select a winner.

  • Highest number of unique verifications received from others
  • Highest amount of original content written with valid references

Can I invite others to verify my edits?

Yes, you can invite your friends and colleagues to verify your edits via email, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

What do winners get?

  • The top winner will receive $1000 (One thousand US Dollars) in prize money and a LinkedIn job recommendation from a top industry executive
  • Participants who receive verifications from minimum 10 individuals for their edits will receive a certificate of recognition and job experience letters from Verify.Wiki

What are the start and end dates of the contest?

  • The contest starts on 15th of February 2016 and ends on 29th of April 2016

I have more questions

Please email us at